gedicht – Pain. A farewell symphony


I could have all the riches in the world

But if I did not have health

If I did not have love

If I did not have truth

If I did not have justice

What would it matter to me?


Now you’re gone

and the void remains

Now you’re gone

and pain is all that’s left behind

Silence and agony

Because that what never was

and never will be

Not now


I tear myself to pieces

slice and peal off my skin

Drink a thousand bottles of whiskey

to hush the child within


Heal the wounds and ulcers

not made by me

I was innocent

just programmed

not to be free


Having lived in the dark

I am frightened of the light

And seeing clearly

no one

by my side


To walk on alone

into the unknown

Away from monsters

attacking at night


To find myself


in the midst of