Gedicht – Open letter to the citizens of Hong Kong

The fight for freedom never ends

Acquired democratic rights do not exist forever

We have to struggle each day

To erode the brutality that is inside of us

In our governments

In our systems

In our police force


It is time to change from a world

Built by machines

With no compassion

Into a natural state

Where love and freedom rule


Where women are not humiliated

And forced to stay at home

Nor protesters attacked

Until they bleed

Where everyone has a voice

That counts

Where violence does not supersede

The welfare of human beings

Where people are not surrounded by an alien order

That disrepects their fundamental rights

And money and power are the only things that count


You must blossom

And be like water

It is nature that mirrors us

Living sentient beings

Let no one take these rights from you

The right to be happy

The right to enjoy the sunshine

Each hour of every day

In peace

To do as you please

As long as you don’t hurt each other


Keep walking the streets

Shame the system

That turns human beings

Into monsters

fighting amongst themselves

Your enemy is not the other

But try to support and love each other

As it was originally meant to be


Your struggle is ours

We bear witness every day